Your financial problem is….you.

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Dennise Williams

Deep down, you have an idea of what your finanical problem is. And while the bank statement at the end of the month is the glaring example of the fact that not enough money is coming in, the real issue is how are you going to solve it. To solve it, you have to name it.  So what’s been standing in YOUR way?  Do you have a lack of confidence and so don’t search for another opportunity or ask for a raise? Lack of persistence and you can’t stand to hear no? Inability to sell or influence others because you don’t believe in what you are selling ?

No matter WHAT it is — no matter what problem you think is uniquely standing in your way— a good financial coach can help you make the changes you identify as the cause of your financial problems.  So let’s run down some common problems and how it is possible to get help.

Your Problem Your Solution(s) Coaching will help you…
“I don’t make enough money.” Get a good (or better) paying job

Get a raise at your current job

Get a 2nd job

Start your own business

* Eliminate hesitation 
at the root.
* Create automatic habits so that you take relentless action toward having the work that you want to do.

* Create rapport with your client, employer

“I spend more than 
I earn.”
Spend less than you earn.

Accumulate enough money for your own future.

* Create an automatic impulse toward saving (rather than overspending), without hoarding.
“I make bad financial decisions.”
“I make bad investments.”
Fix your decision strategy so that you choose better from among available options. * Create a new decision strategy in your mind, based on how expert financial decision-makers think
*Make this new decision-strategy as automatic as blinking your eyes or beating your heart (it happens before you ‘think about’ doing it.)
“I sabotage my success.” Create better habits.


* See yourself through the eyes of someone who loves/cares about


“I don’t know how to sell my services, my products or my ideas to other people” Awaken other people’s imaginations so that they FEEL good about hiring you or buying from you. *Master language of influence
*Uncover what gets other people excited about working with/buying from you
“I feel hopeless/sad/anxious and it affects my performance and efficiency” 
“I feel nervous/sad/guilty when it comes to selling/asking for money.”
Transform your uncomfortable emotions into ones that FEEL better. *Erase your anxiety at the deepest levels 
of mind & body
*Lose your addiction
to worry.



Now this is not an overnight process.  It takes time to work through the issues that hold you back from solving your financial problems.  However, that’s the job of a coach – to work with you to overcome these mental barriers that prevent you from living the life you want.  And so as we always say in this column.  Don’t go it alone.  Reach out and partner for better results.

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