Why are you afraid to talk to your banker?

What value do you get out of your monthly check in with your banker or financial advisor? Is this a meeting where you update your advisor on changes to your business or your family? I can confess that the birth of my special needs son caused me to see the yawning gap in the service provided by financial service providers. Not one financial advisor that I visited could advise me on the best route to take to protect my son’s financial future given his disability. I later learned that such financial planning requires a specialist. Then there was the divorce. Another story all together, in terms of the emotions involved in decision making. Yet, again, my regular investment manager was no help. He was sympathetic, but not helpful in navigating the waters of divorce. Again, another specialist was required. So as life changed and my financial needs changed, I realised that I need to be certified in making the best decisions for myself. And then I started to help others to make financial decisions as well. It was a journey that is on going. Your financial life will change. That is the nature of humanity. And perhaps it is not fair to demand so much of the financial services sector, yet, so many of us need help in charting the course through our emotions and our financials. So where do you get help from? So be sure to visit our website at www.financiallyfocusedmedia.com.


As a financial coach, I help people make more money and grow their investment portfolio by breaking through the mental blocks that prevent you from having a financial road map and speaking with confidence to your licensed financial advisor.

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