Whose life are you really living?

You know the frightening thing to realize is that you may not be living your life.  You may be living the life that other people want you to live.  Your parents. Your spouse.  Maybe you changed to suit the job.  And how is that working for you?  A personal breakthrough session is one where you start to ask the hard questions one on one with a coach.  Of course, for a softer approach to self discovery, you can attend the FABULOUS LIFE CONFERENCE where our life coaches will gently guide you with group exercises through the stories that we tell ourselves about who we are.  The key to being able to identify and transform these stories, both personal and collective, is a new relationship with ourselves.
According to life coach Claire Zammit, Ph.D, “Identity, this core sense of who we are and what’s possible for us, is kept in place by the way that we talk to ourselves, the way that we listen to ourselves, the way we relate to ourselves. And this is what keeps the mechanisms in place.” At the Fabulous Life Conference, we are going to show you how to anchor into a new relationship with yourself so that you can transform these old stories and bring who you are being into alignment with who you truly are.  Or perhaps you may be interested in a private personal breakthrough session.  Either way, my goal as your coach is to transform your relationship with your health or wealth. You are invited to choose an area of focus for your life.
As Zammit says, “I want to invite you to think about that right now, what it is that you most are desiring to create.  If you haven’t been able to set an intention, I invite you today to choose something very specific that you can focus on. There’s no wrong choice. There’s no wrong place to start in this process. I encourage you to trust yourself.  Just take a moment. Just connect with that. Take a breath connecting with your commitment to yourself, the stand that you are to yourself. Connecting with the desires that you have, the intention that you have.”

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