So what is your path to money?

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As we get older, we sort of get stuck in our ways and how we think about the world and of course, money.  So when you think about how your money is feeling, it may very well feel the same as it has always felt to you.  Now, if you are happy with your money situation, fantastic.  However, if like the rest of us, there is scope for improvement, then next question is how do you discover what you really believe about money?  Adrian Cahill has offered these questions on his blog that can help you start to see what your deep down beliefs about money really are.  Now, you can’t just read these 12 questions, you need to write out the answers to be able to notice any patterns.

  1. People with money are ______________________
  2. Money makes people _______________________
  3. I’d have more money if _______________________
  4. My parents always thought money would _______________________________
  5. Money causes ___________________________
  6. I’m afraid that if I had more money I would _______________________________
  7. Money is _________________________________________
  8. In order to have more money, I would need to ___________________________
  9. I think money ____________________________________
  10. If I were really rich, I would _________________________________
  11. My biggest fear about money is _________________________
  12. Money is ____________________________-


Ok so you have answered 12 questions and maybe, you are noticing a pattern.  Is it a positive view of money? Or is it negative?  Or are you confused?  Hmmmm.  Now, on top of those questions, you have to ask do you want to keep going on this path your going now? What will happen if you keep going down this path and what will happen to those around you, those you care about if you continue getting the same results over and over again?Is it time to change? Is it time to grow?


If you are of the view that it is time to chart a new path to your views about money and improve the outcome, there are several options.  One, I highly recommend is to attend a finanical planning conference that takes into consideration your holistic life.  Money isnt in a vacuum.  Money takes into consideration your life’s passions and how you intend to market and sell the passion for a profit.  And what about investing? What’s your style? Are you the hands on type that wants to start or buy a business or do you want to be a passive investor and look at stocks, bonds and perhaps real estate?  And what about your head space? Are you talking to yourself in a negative tone which repels opportunities to make money or increase your learning about money?


Conference such as the Fabulous Life Conference or those hosted by the Jamaica Stock Exchange or your favourite financial institution are a great place to network with persons who have ideas on how to improve your money path.


It’s time for you to shift your mindset to wealth and be clear on which path you are on to have the relationship with money that you truely desire. As always, I recommend that you take the questions that you answered above, make an appointment with your financial advisor or financial coach or book your seat for the next upcoming financial planning conference and make positive changes.

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