What is the outcome that you want for your money?

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Dennise Williams

Financial Coach



What exactly do you want from money?  To pay your bills? To have some cash left over after paying bills? To invest the surplus cash? To go on vacation with teh surplus cash? To start a business? What exactly is the outcome that you are aiming for when you get up in the morning and go to work?


Funny thing is that a lot of us think we know and then are mad as hell, feel ground down when going to work and are just frustrated wiith life.  We think we know that a responsible adult pays their bills and ensures that their family is ok.  But what is “ok”? And what exactly do you want from life that you just can’t put your finger on that is eating at your soul?


My girlfriend is in a well paid job yet says she feels like she is dying because of various issues facing her that actually have nothing to do with cash.  Another friend is mad at work because he is working hard, contributing to the bottom line but he believes that his paycheque does not reflect his value.


Both friends are upset.  Both want something more.  And that goes for all of us, including me writing this article.  We are human and we all want more.  “More” is a part of our subconscious – the part of our brain that we access when we sleep and dream.


The question is, how do we get more? How do we tap into the vibration that allows others to have a successful outcome?


Well, according to the research done with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – the study of how we use language to get positive outcomes – there are six questions that we need to ask about our money to determine the steps that we want to take to get the outcome that we really want deep inside.


Step 1 – Be stated in the positive.

In order to get the best outcome, you need to know what you want.  Most of us know what we don’t want, don’t like, can’t stand and a whole heap of negative way of talking about our lives. If you have a trusted friend, you can reach out and practice how to speak in a positive way about what you do want to happen.  It does take a bit of practice to visualize what you want to happen rather than belly ache about all that is wrong with your life.


Step 2 – Engage your senses.

Be capable of seeing what you want; feeling the good feeling right now of getting what you want; hearing the words or sounds that come with getting what you want.  You may even want to add the smell or taste of what you want.  Essentially, you are creating the sensations right now of the future you are working to create.  That ability, which can be learned through coaching, can assist you in training your brain to work to making the strong vision a reality.



Step 3 – Be possible and achievable

What skills do you have right now to achieve your goal?  And what skills do you need t acquire? Where can you get the support to enable your goal to be achievable?



Step 4 – List all the resources (people, time, capital, equipment, or material) required or accessible.

This is where you have to put a value on the outcome you want and all the elements required to make it happen.


Step 5 – Have a defined time frame.  If you don’t have a time frame then you are not setting a goal, you are engaging in wishful thinking.



Step 6 – Be ecological in having consideration for cost and consequences for oneself and others affected.  The term “ecological” speaks to the impact of your particular goal on the people around you.  What will happen if you achieve your goal?  If you get a new job, will it require more time away from family? Or what if you go back to school to get more qualifications – will it require a student loan and how will that be finance?  You have to ensure that achieving your outcome has a positive effect on your family or if there is a negative effect, you are able to manage the consequences.


Did I mention that this is where a life good coach can help you?  Well, let me say it again.  A great coach is a resource that can complement your licensed financial advisor who can help you plan for your money when you get over your emotional blocks.


Dennise Williams, MBA (Banking & Finance) is a the host of the upcoming Mandeville edition of the Fabulous Life Conference this October 20, 2017.  Dennise is also a Journalist, TV Producer, Certified Practioner NLP Coach and has 15 years experience in the financial services industry.  You can see more of her work at www.youtube.com/financiallyfocused.


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