No money…. no sex?

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Dennise Williams


According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association (APA) approximately 75 per cent of Americans are stressed about their finances which leads 11 per cent of the sample survey to have experienced a change in their sex drive.  So if I were to ask you, how is your money feeling, would you say “its not in the mood?”


I don’t think you would argue that money issues can be a real dampener in the love department and in your general feelings of motivation and may even lead to a general sense of fatigue about life.  It’s like you just “can’t bother” because of the financial overwhelm.


And according to personal finance expert and “Money Girl” podcaster Laura Adams, there are 4 primary reasons people get stressed about money:


1)         They consistently spend more than they make, living under the threat of ever-present bill collectors.

2)         They spend exactly what they make, living paycheck-to-paycheck.

3)         They have a huge amount of debt (e.g., student loans) and are finding it hard to make any progress on reducing it.

4)         They don’t understand how to manage their finances and feel lost or overwhelmed about how to do so.


These realities can create a sense of being stuck, confused, paralyzed even with a general dim view of life.  And so as we are faced with problems, we focus on problems and delete any thoughts of the positives in our life.  So you may already know what your financial issues are, but where are your financial strengths?  Ever thought about that?  Pychologists Kris Hallbom and Armand D’Alo note that many people tend to sort for the negatives and delete the positives. Over time people begin purposely stacking one direction and deleting everything else. We are creatures of deletion. Eventually, people forget to also sort for the positive.


So you are in a dead end job and cannot manage your bills and you forget that you are very good at baking or have a wonderful speaking voice.  And so the financial stress grows and not your options because you cant see the positive.  Personally, I think that’s why corporations do much better than individuals as the corporate structure harnesses many minds and individuals tend to rely on themselves.


And that’s not really a bad thing if you are willing to do the work and reach out to a support team such as a financial coach or financial advisor who can help you to see different possibilities in your life.



It’s important to consciously open yourself up to the idea of what is possible for you. In order to embrace this idea, you must first have the ability to change your daily routine by doing something different. This includes learning how to view your world through the eyes of prosperity and abundance, instead of lack and poverty.


Try this on for a moment:


Think about something that you want and all of the possibilities that you have in achieving it. Ask yourself, “What is possible?”


Now thinking about what is possible rather than what is the problem requires practice and an open mind.  And so you don’t have to go it alone as stated above and just maybe, your money will start to feel better.

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