Make 2018 your money year

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Dennise Williams



Shout out to all underearners, over-spenders, workaholics, spendthrifts, penny-pinchers!  Let’s make the New Year a better one when it comes to your relationship to money.


Given the fresh start of any New Year, there will be an abundance of articles encouraging you to get a financial reality check about options for spending and saving, debt reduction, retirement savings,

education savings.


What we want to know is how did yourmoney feel in 2016 and how will you make 2017 YOUR MONEY YEAR?  One very neat way to map out how your 2017 financial year will be is to find a financial role model and basically do what they do.


In a previous article we questioned WHY do you want money and WHAT will you do with it once you get it.  However, in order to really speed up the wealth creation process, the third question is WHO has mastered your wealth vehicle before you?


So if you are a carpenter, who is the most successful carpenter you can find and do what they do?  What about a pastry chef or tour operator?  Once you have identified WHAT you will do to make money, then find WHO is doing well and reach out to them for guidance.


There is always someone who has mastered your wealth vehicle. They are usually easy to find because for one, they’re wealthy and secondly, they’re usually well known for their achievements. Your first choice for mentorship may not be willing or able to give the guidance and support you require, but keep trying.  There is someone out there who will give you the time and guidance.  You have to be persistent.


Once you find someone who has mastered your wealth vehicle, the process of adapting their skills is as follows:


  • Find someone to model;
  • Associate fully with the skill or state of mind. That is, learn the specific steps of how they do what they do and how they think about wealth creation. Wealth building involves some very special states of mind-and-emotion, states that result from the principles and laws of wealth, finance, saving, etc. That’s why modelling the right person enables us to copy the very structure that makes wealth building possible, reachable, and practical.
  • Intensify the state of mind until it is yours and
  • Put the actions into practice.


Again, it is important to be clear what you want to achieve, be clear how you will know you have achieved what you want to achieve and what lets you know you have finished, and keep practising until you get there.


And so, your mentor will be able to answer the final question and that’s of course HOW you can create wealth using your WHAT – your chosen wealth vehicle. And so this is one roadmap for making 2017 your great financial year.   Start with your WHY, then choose your WHAT which will lead you to your WHO and only then will you discover the important answer to your HOW.


Quick disclaimer.  While we have focused most of this article on your chosen profession, we totally advocate aholistic approach to wealth as “abundance” in many dimensions of life:  mind, heart, finances, relationships, creativity, etc. The idea is to have an abundant attitude by learning the steps to wealth creation in your chosen field so that you do not “sell your soul for money” to the detriment of your relationships, health, happiness, etc.


If you wish to become successful you need to start off by deciding what you want and where you want to go. That may sound extremely simple but so many people just don’t do that.


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