Do it for the love, not for the likes

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Dennise Williams



How does your money feel right now? Are you getting any financial satisfaction? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps?  So how do you get to the place where you and your money are at a high vibration? Well, believe it or not, love is the highest vibration.  Although many of us, when it comes to money, we vibrate between frustration and anger.


And so Chronixx has the right plan of action.  Do it for the love, not for the likes.  What do you absolutely love to do?  And are you in a job that you love or are you just working for the likes?


Life coach Pamela Kirpalani suggests some questions you might want to reach out to yourself if you are inspired to feel that child-like wonder and zeal, in other words re-align with your passion and find the love that allows you to vibrate to financial satisfaction:


  • What do you love enough to do for free?
  • What gives you so much enjoyment that you yearn to do more of it?
  • What were your childhood dreams?
  • When you daydream, where does your heart go?
  • What do you get the biggest kick out of doing- even if you’re not great at doing it?


Of course the word “free” jumps out because in your current financial bind, why would you do anything for free?  Now, the issue isn’t free labour.  Its about what makes you so happy that you would do it for free.


I meet an insurance sales rep the other day who told me that even if she won the United States Powerball Lotto and had millions and millions of US dollars, she wouldnt stop working in Jamaica because she loves it.  She prides herself on customer service and delighting her clients and making them feel like number one.  That is the joy she gets.  And after 20 years on the job, she finds something new to love every day.  What?!! How many of us can say that? That we work for the love.  That the service we give to other people is more satisfactory than money? Can love full your belly, from a financial perspective?


Well, what if it can?  What if you are so happy, so fullfilled in life, so open to joy?  What is wrong with that?


It comes down to what you believe.  And that is tough because many of  us don’t believe that we could earn from what we love or we are not prepared to do the work required to earn from what we love.


So the second most important qustion to ask after you find out what you passion is, is “why”.  According to life coach, Rebecca Spencer,  if you don’t have enough of a reason or motive, you won’t be motivated to do what you have to do to become wealthy and your dreams or desires will not spring to life.


You get to choose.  Continue to live a life where you are doing things for the likes or live a life filled with love. Choose the latter and it may be a hard road, however, at the end of the day, your money will certainly feel better.

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