Is your money a work of art?

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Dennise Williams



You know the drill.  Save 10% of your salary each month.  Open a rainy day savings account for 3 months expenses and then invest the rest of your money in the stock market – either the Jamaica Stock Exchange or an overseas stock exchange.


You know that.  Yet, are you doing that?


Or do you feel stuck?  Like you are in a black hole of debt and expenses and no growth.


What if you could tap into your inner creativity and find away to make your financial life a work of art?


Well, that is exactly the prescription that art & creative therapist Denise Robinson offered at the recently held Fabulous Life Conference at the Liguanae Club in May.  Robinson has been training in the arts for over 20 years and is of the beliefthat we get stuck in our lives because we have lost touch with our inner creativity.  And therefore, we cannot move forward until we release the chains on our creativity to find our greatness.


So we are not only asking, “how is your money feeling?” this week, we are adding another layer by asking, “is your money a work of art?”  Art is considered an expression of the artists inner being.  And this can be said for your money.  Your being includes body, emotions, mind, relationships, and spirit. Your money relationship reflects all of these aspects.  What you own and what and who you owe is a reflection of your inner financial artist.


According to Robinson, art is about dreams and visions; about connecting to your soul.  Yet, if you are harbouring anger, fear, regret, shame, envy, jealously and other negative emotions, it would be , generally speaking, hard to tap into your creativity.  Same thing with your money.


Here is another question – How does money support and reflect your current and long-term dreams and goals?  If the answer isn’t a big fat “YES!!” (and for most of us it is not) then it is time to take another approach to tapping into your financial greatness.


What can you do?


  1. Take stock of your current money life.
    1. What is your relationship with money?
    2. What are you earning and is this number that can be improved by reaching into your hidden talents?
    3. What are your financial plans and what small, immediate steps are you taking to make them happen?


  1. Hire a coach or reach out to your spiritual leader or bank manager or all three to determine the actions you need to get current — practical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.


  1. Get educated about financial terms. There is power in understanding money language.  Your          licensed financial advisor can assist with this.


Going deep inside to create a financial work of art requires honesty with yourself.  We are so good at lying to ourselves and then we lie to the outside world.  So many of us are holding on financially by our finger nails.  So maybe you need a quick fix.  Sorry.  To create a financial work of art requires time and diligence to get to the heart of the problem and fix it.  The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.  Coaches like Denise Robinson and events like the Fabulous Life Conference series are a great way of reaching your greatness.


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