Instead of “How to Get Rich,” First Think “How to Not Be Poor”

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In the financial world, we love to use the word, “wealth” and we like to think about “getting rich.”  Of course, the word “poor” has many political connotations and is equally powerful as the world “wealth.”  And so we want to ask you if in your mind is the power associated with those word really different?  Or is the outcome that you want different?  As far back as primary school, we learnedthat opposites attract. Remember when the teacher gave us magnets and we could not put two negativesides together and the magnets automatically went positive to negative poles? Later we learned howelectricity worked and that negative charges were pulled to positive charges.  So in which direction are you aiming your financial plans?


Are you so frustrated that you are not rich that in fact you feel poor?  And if you are thinking that you are poor and not doing well is that then what manifests in your life?


How this applies regarding money is, if you believe money is scarce, you either don’t have much, or what you have is never enough. In other words, what you believe is what you get.


So the goal is not so much about how to get rich, but how not to be poor.  And poverty can be your health, your state of mind, your relationships and more.  You could be struggling to define your dreams or your lfe path and these lead to feeling frustrated.  So ask yourself this question posed by life coach Merilee Dannemann –  “How much money is enough to support me in living the life I’d like to live and feeling the way I’d like to feel about myself?”   The question is not at all about money in isolation, but about your goals, desires and dreams. If you don’t have enough money to fulfill your goals, desires and dreams, something is preventing you from having it.


So the bottomline is all about what you believe about yourself and the goals you set.


Now an excellent financial coach or a licensed financial planner can assist you in finding out what is stopping you from being poor.


With the right support, you might find yourself listening with new interest to people you didn’t notice before, and being attracted to groups or activities aligned with your goals. At the same time, you might be less attracted to activities that take you off course or cause you to procrastinate. All of these changes would move you toward achieving your goal.


Beyond finding the one on one support of a financial advisor, you have to choose your friends and partners wisely.  It is important to know if a person’s aspirations are to be rich, comfortable or simply survive.

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