I’m a good person and I deserve financial success.

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Dennise Williams




Of course you are a good person.  You work hard. You are a law abiding citizen who cares about their community and gives a good days work for a good days pay.  Except that maybe, the pay isn’t as good as the work you know that you put in.  And maybe, you are such a good person, but your boss or your spouse or your mom or church brother doesn’t applaud all your hard work.  You don’t have the financial success that reflects how many hours you put into the office and the effort to get to work, get the kids ready isn’t showing up in your ability to take the type of vacations that would really de-stress you.  Of course, the occasion visit to the spa would be nice, except that would just add to your increasing credit card balance.


Well, something is out of sync and your money doesn’t feel well.


So why are you a good person and not enjoying financial success?


Let’s consider the work of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which seeks to address the limiting beliefs of the unconscious mind.  According to NLP coach Merilee Dannemann, what’s missing from many of our internal vocabulary is empowering beliefs. And so three elements must be present in your mind to move you to the state of being that you desire.  Those elements are:

1. It’s possible.

2. I’m capable.

3. I’m worth it.


Dannermann explains.  “It’s possible:” In an empowering belief, it’s assumed that, within the world, it is possible to accomplish your goal. Can somebody do what you want to do? Has anybody ever done it? If you doubt this, you might want to search for evidence among people you know or read biographies of people who have accomplished this goal. “


Next, Dannermann states, “I’m capable.” An empowering belief suggests that you have capabilities and can use them. At the beginning of a new venture you might not know what you will be required to do. You might not know whether you will be able to do it all. A well-formed belief may contain the idea that if you can’t do something today, you can learn to do it tomorrow, or get help doing it, or find another way to get it done. Such a belief will help you to face the challenge with confidence.

The final element outlined by Dannermann is, “I’m worth it.” Do you believe you are? If you have doubts about your self-worth, a good NLP coach can help to clear them up and let you find within yourself a new level of affirmation of your value to yourself and others.”


And it doesn’t stop there.  As part of the coaching process, you will work to find not only the three empowering elements, you will also have to ensure that your new outlook on money is one that looks, sounds and feels right to YOU and you alone. It must be stated in vocabulary that fits for YOU. It must be aligned with your other beliefs and values and with the outcome you desire.


So the outcome would be a mental state that gives you the sense of power to achieve.


Imagine for a moment that you’re going to wake up tomorrow thinking something like this: “I’d like more prosperity. If I have an abundance of money, I’ll use it wisely to benefit myself and others. I’m a good person and I deserve financial success. I can make it happen. I can keep learning as I go. If I try something and it doesn’t work, I can learn from from it and keep doing better. I’ll enjoy the challenges every day as I’m striving to reach my goal.”


A person with beliefs like that is unstoppable, don’t you agree? Could that person be you?

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