Finding your authentic money power

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Dennise Williams


Do you feel like you should have more than you currently have in life?  And this is not the sort of greedy, grasping desire to get more.  I mean, a deep seated dissatisfaction with your current situation and the desire to be more than you are right now.  If that is the case, it could be that you are not in touch with your authentic self which robs you of your authentic power.  And this in turn, means that you are probably not earning as much as you could.


Speaking at the Fabulous Life Conference, Andrea Blackwood Harriot, PhD, sales trainer explained to the audience that without understanding your authentic self, you cannot sell your goods and services to the market in an effective manner.  Which means you earn less over the course of your career.  In order to find your true money power and earn more, Blackwood-Harriot suggests that persons take the time to not only determine their worth but acknowledge their true greatness.


Now you may think that this is easier said than done.  However, there are coaches who can help you to discover your authentic money power to help you live a fabulous life.  So let’s ask a few questions:


(1)  Who are you really underneath the pressure to be a good worker, a good spouse, a good parent, etc?  At, they write, “When the authentic self is hidden beneath layers of conditioning, we feel dissatisfied, lost, and frequently, we can’t quite put our finger on the source of the dissatisfaction. We just know it’s there and we feel compelled to eliminate it. That’s why so many people spend a lifetime searching for “something”.  And, when it comes to finding the authentic self, that treasure is sometimes buried much deeper than we think. To uncover it, we must dig deep, which may take a little work, but the rewards are so great that no one can really afford not to invest the time and energy in unearthing their true self.”


(2) So what can you do about finding your true self?  Well, there may be a very simple way to get on the journey to finding your authentic self.  And therefore, I ask you, what do you do on Saturday morning when you have nothing to do?


This test was developed by Neil Pasricha of and it challenges you to ask yourself that one crucial question.


  • What do you do on Saturday morning when you have nothing to do?

Do you go to the gym? Do you record yourself playing guitar? Take whatever answer you have and then wildly brainstorm ways you can pursue opportunities that naturally spew from that passion.


There will be hundreds.


Love going to the gym? Personal training, coaching a baseball team, volunteering for a walking group, running a yoga studio, teaching phys ed, starting a supplements company. And it goes on. Love recording yourself playing guitar? How about teaching guitar online, editing music, learning to DJ, starting up an instrument company? One of the happiest people I’ve met was a high school music teacher who decided to start importing, selling, and teaching the ukulele.


Your true self will be drawn to these ideas.


Hmmmmm.  Food for thought.  As we always say in this column, you don’t have to go it alone.  Living the fabulous life means reaching out to a team of partners who can help you discover your authentic self and step into your greatness.

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