The financial change of life

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Dennise Williams


It would seem that when we think of “the change” it is about women of a certain age having hot flashes.  However, from a financial perspective, “the change” is happening to us all almost every day.  Motivational speaker Les Brown puts it this way, “We are in a time of the 3 Cs as it is called was identified by Peter Druker and so many of us do not know what to do to master accelerating change, increasing complexity and ever multiplying competition.”

So those 3Cs are hitting us every where and making change a permanent part of life.  We don’t like.  Try to fight it.  Pretend it is not happening and then wonder why life seems so hard.

According to Master Neurolingistic Programming (NLP) coach and trainer, Elizabeth Terry, “Most people resist change (whether it’s retirement or changing your job) and often we believe that it is something that happens TO US and we are POWERLESS to control it!”  The message that Terry gives is this.  “Managing change effectively depends more on your mind-set and approach that anything else! How you react to change will be determined by how you think and feel!

So this constant bombardment of accelerating change, increasing complexity and ever multiplying competition can only be managed if you get a hold of your mind.  Your manager can send you to all the trainings in the world, your boss may give you a pay increase and yet, if you mentally resist the realities of the economy, your money will never feel better.

Terry goes on to say, “If you believe you control and direct your own life, that you are captain of your ship, it is likely that you will adapt to almost any change and do so confidently. You are more likely to be generally happy, eat a good diet, like yourself, know what you want, like tackling new challenges, plan ahead and generally enjoy what you do. On the other hand, if you think that your life is governed by some outside force or set of circumstances and that you are a victim of your history, you may well need to re-evaluate your situation pretty soon.”

Bottomline, you have to steer the ship where you want it to go.  And I know from experience, that that is easier said than done.  Returning to a recent interview with Les Brown, he pointed out “in life, it is not about complaining, its about taking action.  Use the same complaining energy to take action! I challenge you to transition out of that job that is below your pay grade.  You know the job that pays just enough to encourage you not to quit and you work just enough not to be fired.”


Terry continues, “if you fall into this category it may well be that you feel trapped, find it difficult to cope if your plans are disrupted, get the feeling that life is often not fair to you, feel helpless and unable to learn new things, feel broke or let down and don’t know how to face getting old.”

So what should you do? According to Terry:

  • Firstly, embrace change as the natural way of the world. Know that without experimentation and new methods, the universe will stagnate and die rather than move on. If you sit on the railroad track long enough, you will get run over by a train!
  • Examine your beliefs and change those that are not working for you: Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Whatever you belief, your brain will seek to make it true. Decide about what beliefs are really serving you and change the others. For example, what is the difference between RETIRING versus RETYRING J
  • Create a new vision for yourself – What are you passionate about? Do you have hobbies or interests which you have set aside during your working life and can now explore as potential enjoyable, income-generating activities? Seek to improve your existing skills and learn new ones and implement a plan to take steps toward implementing your vision.

Be determined to play your part as an integral component of the universe rather than as a disinterested bystander – retirement is just another opportunity for you to discover and be the best you!

So the bottom line is that you are in charge of creating the life you want.  And as always, we encourage you not to go alone. Reach out to your support system and consider hiring a life coach to help you navigate the waters and learn how to steer the ship to the destination that you want to reach.



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