#FabulousLifeConference speaker line up – November 16th

The upcoming #FabulousLifeConference is a powerhouse.  
Are you seeking a life transformation?
Do you love your family and want to build a legacy for them?
Does your company need to develop a sales culture?
Is your health getting in the way of building wealth?
What about building an investment and income portfolio to supplement your existing salary?
Do you need a roadmap, a strategy, a plan of action laid out for you?
You know that old advertisement? If you don’t have a ticket, you don’t have a chance?  Well, your investment in a ticket for the #FabulousLifeConference is a declaration in your desire to improve your life.
Our speaker line up is specially designed to awaken your greatness and unleash that what you have to offer the world.  So what makes our speakers so powerful?  Their life experience.  Their method of reaching out to you.  The storehouse of knowledge they have amassed.  
Are you performing at your absolute best? What about the people that report to you? Are they meeting the company’s objectives? And is your brand top of mind in each product category?  There is a system that can save your company the stress of underperforming staff and build brand loyalty to your products.   It’s not the economy.  It’s not the competition.  It’s the internal fire that needs to be stoked inside of you.  Because you don’t want to be left out on November 16th and there is limited seating, we want you to be sure that the line up of speakers will make a difference in your life.
#DenniseWilliams, financial coach – Is your staff maximizing their money and assets?  Does your staff have a personal map to financial growth? We will discuss why a personal financial breakthrough session may just be the answer to breaking through barriers that hold back your staff from achieving their best lives.  #ElizabethTerry, NLP Trainer & Coach, will discuss how your mental programming can be shifted for high performance and excellence in your day to day activities.  As a manager, do you struggle to get the right message and tone across to the different personalities that you deal with? Do you also have your own blocks to breakthrough so that you can become the best at what you do? Well, Elizabeth will address that in her presentation.  #DeniseRobinson, Creativity Consultant is about teaching your team to think outside the box.  What old ideas are your team coming to the table with each day?  In what ways could you be exploring creativity help your team be better employees and brand ambassadors?  Of course, we have other coaches such as #DinoHinds who is our investment manager and venture capitalist who is all about building wealth through acquisition.   #DinoHinds will show a step by step plan on how to run small businesses profitably and grow your cash flow each month.   Shouldn’t your team be exposed to thinking like that?     #DrAndreaBlackwoodHarriott is of the view that persons without a wellness plan are 40% less productive than those with a plan and a wellness coach?   And #NatalieRoach, our image consultant is all about bringing out the inner beauty that can build your employees confidence.  Last but not least, our team includes the head of THINK. GROW. LEAD, #DuaneLueFung who is the SALES GURU and can give your team the added push to enable them to understand the sales and public relations cycle in a way that in new, fresh and innovative.   And the young millennial, #AkeemGoulbourne will show you the way to earn income through social media and forex trading.  He will guide you on the laptop lifestyle!
Overall, we believe the #FabulousLifeConference will be an investment in the future you want to create now.
The conference on November 16th is an awesome opportunity for you to interact with not only our speakers but like-minded professionals and people aspiring to achieve more! Isn’t that all that we want? To achieve more, to be more, to have more? Well, enough talk. Below are the photos speakers confirmed and I know I will see you on November 16th and your company can get group tickets at a discounted price, so drop me a line or call me and we can create a package that will empower your team.  

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