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Dennise Williams



So many of us are trapped.  We think that life really needs to be this way.  We firmly believe that our lot in life is to suffer.  And we hang around people who believe the same thing.  I hear people saying that 2018 will be their money year.  So what exactly does that mean?  What are the specific steps that you will take to actually make 2018 your money year?  Now before we go any further, be aware that I said money and not cash.  Many years ago, I heard a presentation at the Jamaica Stock Exchange where the speaker said he is always looking for money, but not cash.  Now I thought that was the strangest thing in the world.  Perhaps that sounds strange to you as well.  However, it is really another way of saying teach a man to fish rather than give a man a fish.  You see, if you learn how to make cash, no one can take that knowledge away from you.  That is money.  You will always have a medium of exchange.  And what can you exchange?  An idea? A few hours of the day? The ability to do something in exchange for something else?  Or cash for new ideas to help you earn more cash?


Sometimes you need to step away from the familiar in order to see that your thinking is trapped.  When was the last time you went to the Blue Mountains?  Ever invest in going up there to clear your mind and become open to new ideas?  What about attending events with like minded persons who are also on the same journey to improve their family finances? And how many different ways do you know how to make money?  Have you invested in learning to earn online? What about trading assets? You can do that for yourself rather than waiting on someone at the bank to do it for you.  And were you aware that there are distinct principles for financial mastery that you can learn?  Some you may have heard before, yet, getting control of your finances need not be rocket science.  What you need is an organized system of thinking about your money so that you gain control.


And so we are back to the type of year you want 2018 to be.  This checklist may be of help, especially when you sit down with a financial coach to create a guide for how your money will feel in the year to come. Check the following statements that you feel are true about money or have felt or said at some point.

  • The root of all evil
  • Scarce
  • A measure of one’s worth in the world
  • Abundant
  • A way of impressing others
  • The cause of divorce
  • A measure of one’s feeling of self worth
  • Slippery stuff
  • Not a nice subject to talk about
  • A means of security
  • A means of proving myself to others
  • Happiness
  • A tool of political oppression
  • Very difficult to get
  • A means of buying freedom
  • Very difficult to keep
  • A cause of pain and suffering
  • Hard to manage
  • Always there when I really need it
  • A means to an end
  • A way of feeling superior to others
  • An end in itself
  • A way of keeping me separate and different than others
  • Fun to spend
  • A tool to solve my problems
  • Something I don’t deserve
  • A reward for good behavior
  • A means of exchange
  • For buying the necessities of life
  • Something I try not to think about
  • Something I have to earn for it to be of value.
  • Something I feel guilty having
  • Something I feel guilty spending
  • Something I try to do without
  • A measure of social rank
  • Insurance for the future
  • Something I enjoy giving away
  • Hot stuff – burns holes in pockets
  • Not important
  • A means of buying love
  • Dirty
  • For having fun with


Once you have determined which of the above describes your relationship with money, be sure to speak to someone about it and release whatever it is that is holding you back!

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