Don’t think about why you don’t have money

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Dennise Williams



If I say don’t think about a purple elephant, what do you immediately think about? Well, the same thing goes for your financial situation.  If you are constantly focusing on why you don’t have the level of money that you want, then that becomes your entire focus.  You dwell and nurse and reherse your situation that you don’t like.  We are all guilty of it.


However, that’s the path to blocking what we really want.  And we are all guilty of that to some level. Kris Hallbom and Armand D’Alo, financial consultants and NLP practioners write on their blog,


“Instead of focusing on what is possible, many people spend a lot of time thinking about what they don’t have. An interesting pattern develops in which they become angry or resentful over their situation, which creates more limitations and barriers in their lives. It’s so much easier to get ahead in life when you’re coming from a peaceful state of mind, versus an angry or resentful frame of mind. The first step in helping a person is to explore the nature of their issue.”


NLP or neurolinguistic progamming is the study of getting results through understanding how your internal mind works.  And it is also the study of getting results.  And if you are constantly thinking about the fact that you don’t have money, you are not getting results.


So its time to try another approach.


Think about something that you want and all of the possibilities that you have in achieving it. Now if you say something like, I want more money or I want to be rich, that is a little to vague.  If you consider that you want a 50% pay increase so that you can save for a down payment for a house faster than you are now, then you are planting the seed in your mind.  So then, with a firm goal in mind, you can say, “What is possible?”  Can you see how your mind starts to scan for specific possibilites for the (a) 50% pay increase and (b) savings for a down payment on a house?


So what is really happening is that your mind is now working TOWARDS a specific goal rather than running AWAY from an uncomfortable situation such as the lack of money.  And essentially, that is how you get results.  I would say that many of us, including yours truly, have issues pin-pointing the specific goals you want to work towards rather than the feeling you want to get away from.


Halborn and A’lo write, “Money is merely energy and its movement like energy is one of flow, energy out encourages energy in, when we block that flow mentally with our beliefs then like a damn on a river the flow reduces to a trickle and sometimes can even stop. Anyway it’s not really money as such that we want to focus on it’s more the idea of prosperity that holds the key. All too often people get caught up in the opposite mindset, they function from a LACK mentality and it is these thought processes and sheer negative focus that inhibits the flow of money to you. Changing your beliefs will change your focus and prosperity will surely follow.”


Changing your focus takes some work. We say it all the time in this column.  Reach out to a licenced financial advisor and start working with a financial coach.  And of course, attend workshops and conferences that help you to live a Fabulous Life where your focus will be on achieving what you really want out of life.

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