Attractive people attract money

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Dennise Williams



How is your money feeling?  Is it feeling small, ugly, miserable and less than?  If you want to attract money, look for attractive people. Look for the people who model the life and the values you want. Associate with success. Their values and strategies will become your values and strategies. Their reality becomes your reality.


Simple to say.  Harder to do.  Many of us have spouses and family members, coworkers, church members who see the world in such negative light and spend a great deal of time telling you all the things you do wrong or wrong things that will happen to you.  And they may mean well, yet, if you want your money to feel better, its time to clear the space in your head space.


My grandfather used to say, show me your company and I tell you who you are.  So when was the last time you spent time in the company of shareholders on the Jamaica Stock Exchange?  Have you ever been to an annual general meeting and asked questions about how the company manages itself?  When was the last time you spoke to your bank manager?  And have you been invited to an investment seminar but had better things to do? Then there are empowerment conferences where people get together to share ideas and inspiration.  Have you ever bought a ticket to one of those?


There is the idea that you are a reflection of the five people that you spend the most time with.  So are these people financially attractive?  And I am not talking about being with people to get their money.  No gold-diggers need apply.  It is about giving value and receiving value.  A virtuous cycle of you becoming financially attractive because you associate with financially attractive people.


So if you are ready to move away from struggle, invest the time in being around people who share the same ideals.  It will require a lot of work on your part. You wil have to read (this article is a good start), you will have to attend events, you will have to be brave to speak up and share your ideas.  You will have to show that you have value and can also contribute to the betterment of person’s lives.


Getting your money to feel better is actually a job of its own.  You wake up each morning looking for the attractiveness in yourself that you can share with the world.  And then you will see that in time, you money will become as attractive as you are.

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