Are you still confused about your finances?

For me the summer time has always been about reflection and finding out where I am in the various areas of my life. As a financial wellness coach, I have to be on point about the energy and guidance that I am giving to my clients. So that means doing a lot of leg work and meeting with licensed financial planners who share their advice and tips. A coach doesn’t give investment advice. A coach is the person who gives guidance through the mental and emotional blocks that prevents people from making the right decisions with the financial advisor. So I do self checks. I also participate in coaching so that as my own issues come up, I can be clear about what I need to be real with. That is key for being in an authentic and holistic space in my life. And that leads to a lot of questions. What I am doing that is right? What is not working for me financially? What can l do more of or less of? Do I need to refresh myself on investing principles so that I can speak intelligently to my own advisor? What I find in talking to many people is the school system has failed in teaching the basics of money management and so many of make emotional decisions. And not good emotional decisions like, ohhh I buy KFC each Friday night, so let me buy the stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. The emotions I am speaking about are based on fear, obligation and guilt. We buy love. We buy approval. We lend money because we are afraid of saying no and making someone angry. That’s the kind of burdens that my clients come to me with. They are professionals who can earn more and have more disposable income to invest, yet, the emotional strain of obligations that other people impose on them is just too much. So, yes, even for me, I have to do the weekly check in with my coach to ensure that I am making decisions that support me and where I want to go in life. And be sure to visit our website

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