Should you act like Donald Trump with your money?

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Dennise Williams




The thing with money management is that most of the messages are about saving for a rainy day or retirement.  You know, long term planning to ensure that your money works for you.  Yet, not many financial planners talk to their clients about financial confidence.  And not about confidence in the stock market or the financial sector, I mean confidence in yourself.


And if you want the perfect role model of a public display of confidence despite what many other people may say about the situation, you need look no further, than President Trump.   I am not advocating the Trump politics of calling out fake news and other such behaviour, really, I am thinking that his strategy of self belief, not giving up, and being flexible enough to anything that came up, even if that flexibility was considered weird or even offensive.


Now I am not suggesting that you go around and offend your financial advisor or tell the bank manager that your credit card statement is fake news.  What I am suggesting is that all of us, including yours truly, consider the confidence required to improve how our money is feeling.


So how can we all take the best of self confidence to improve our financial situation?  This is where Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) comes in.  NLP is the study of modeling successful behaviour to get the outcome that you want.  And there are really 5 guiding principles to consider offered by Michael Carroll, British based NLP coach.




Step 1 in the five principles for success is to really know what it is that you want to achieve or what you want your outcome to be. Recognise the outcome is the ‘start’ place, you give it your hundred percent. It’s important you put your attention on what you want and stay focused on the goal, it’s often the high level focus on the goal that gets you through the challenges you face as you progress on the journey. As Henry Ford famously said ‘obstacles are only obstacles when you lose sight of your goals’ .




In every day behaviour, such as goal setting, this translates to taking action right now, no matter how small and then continuing to take those actions towards your goal.  Action and more action is the route to success. So when you set your goal take immediate action, no matter how small that action may be. It gets you committed and gets the ball rolling.




Many people are oblivious to what is going on around them and therefore are missing important feedback regarding their goals.  This means they are walking around with their eyes and ears closed to the signals in their immediate environment and are unaware of their gut feeling which is giving unconscious feedback on what is being absorbed in the other senses.




So what does this mean? Many people set a goal and think there may be only one route to achieve that goal, or maybe not recognise when it’s time to take a different approach or modify the goal.




How you stand, how you breathe and how you carry yourself creates a physiology and psychology of excellence.  States of excellence are communicated in your body and voice tone as well as the words you use. Adornments such as the clothes you wear also communicate powerful messages. Have you ever heard the saying ‘there was something about that man/woman that makes them different and stand out’. Such sayings are usually attributed to posture and walk.


So to borrow from The Donald, no matter the current state of your finances, you have to 100% believe that your money is feeling great and more than likely, you will attract greatness.

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