Act as if you already have it.

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Dennise Williams


When you are asked “how is your money feeling?” what happens?  Are you hurting? Or are you so focused on a positive outcome that you actually feel good about your money regardless of the real situation?


And the concept of feeling good about your money is not the same as having all the money you want.  The feeling is sensory based.  Your mind is so clear on the goal that you know how the end looks.  Essentially, you are working backwards to get your goal.  So if today, you bank account is far different from the end goal, you are not disturbed.


Wow.  What a state of mind.  And how do you get there?


Everything starts with the big question and the most important question of life: what do you want?  The big problem is also that most of people do not know what they want. When you wake up in the morning, the first question arises in your mind is what I do today? Where I go today? What I want to achieve today?  If you don’t know where you want to go, you may never go anywhere or you may end up where you didn’t want to go. If you do not have a plan of action for everyday you may not do anything or you may do something that you shouldn’t do.


So if the goal is to have more money, how much money specifically do you want?  And for what purpose will you use that money for?  To buy a house? Ok.  So let’s dig deeper.  What will it feel like when you move into that house? Will you keep your old furniture or buy new furniture? What will the house smell like?  What will the food that you cook in the house taste like?  How will you decorate the house? We now start to drill down to the actual experience.


And that feeling of knowing in detail the well formed outcome of what you want more money for is how you will actually get it.  This feeling is also how you will cope when you get knocked down and have to deal with life’s many frustrations.


Collin Powell once said the secret of success is adequate preparation.  You need to think about all these resources you need to have before starting a goal if you do not want to get frustrated at the middle of the project and abandon it. Millions of projects are abandoned everyday and every year because all the requirements for their success were not thought of and provided when they began the project. And last but not least, you have to think what would happen to you when you have achieved it.  There are intended and unintended consequences for yourself and for others when you achieve your goal.  So that’s part of having a complete understanding of your outcome.


And that’s how you act as if you already have it.


Creating that plan is where a financial coach comes in.  Its not about the products – that’s where a licensed financial advisor comes in – its about how your life works and what works for your life.  And so if you are ready to get financially flexible, it’s time to speak to professionals about having gaining more choices with the resources you have available.

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