Are you working hard while your money is on vacation?

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Dennise Williams



So while you are busy working each day, what is your money doing?  Normally we ask in this column how your money is feeling.  We also want you to consider what activities your money is taking while you are working so hard to acquire it.


According to the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) what your money is doing and ultimately feeling is based on what you believe about your money.   NLP is the science of how your brain codes learning and experience. This coding affects all your communication and behavior. It affects how you learn and how you experience surroundings. It’s a major key to reaching your goals and achieving excellence. So let us say you believe you should work for your money.  Or more specifically, you should work hard for your money and fight to keep it and struggle to make ends meet.  Therefore, we can conclude that you believe that working is “hard” and a “fight” and a “struggle” to get and keep money. So you are not feeling great about your money, no matter how much you may actually have.


Yet, what about the money itself?  Do you have positive associations with having money? After all it is just a medium of exchange that allows you to do or not do things that can improve your quality of life.


Are you spending time with people who can share strategies about putting your money to work?  Do you attend the events your bank puts on? What about trainings by the Development Bank? The Jamaica Stock Exchange also puts on public forums.  Do you make the time to attend financial events?


Are you a part of a business networking club?  Are you watching how other business people make money?  How many hours do you spend mixing with wealthy people learning their attitudes and what makes them tick?  Is your money at work as a natural counterpart of building business relationships and offering services?  How much have you invested in learning how to think about money in new ways, thinking about what you are worth and how to lift yourself up and change your self view?


Life coach Lisa Han writes, “physically having possession of money doesn’t instantly make us happy — many people have a lot of money but are unhappy, and different people will be happier with different amounts.  Therefore, the value of money is highly subjective and the actual money itself does not cause us to be happy. It’s the meaning we attach to having it that causes us to feel a certain way. This shows us that happiness is determined by the meaning we attach to ideas and material things and this is something that can be controlled and changed if we choose to.”


So if your money is on vacation and you are working hard, it’s time to change who you spend time with and get good guidance on how to put your money to work for you while you continue to work for it.

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