What do you invest in?

I think the number one concern about hiring a financial coach is the cost. Yet cost is relative. Tony Robbins is a coach that charges $1 million for his service. And i bet to his celebrity clients it is worth every dollar. For Christmas, I would love to have Oprah Winfrey coach me for one day. Yes, I read her magazine, yet a day in her presence, seeing, hearing and interacting with her would no doubt change the trajectory of my life. That said, the impact of coaching cannot be stated enough. When life puts you into a situation where you must change or suffer worse consequences, a financial coach is the person that can guide you through the changes you must make. And so what should you pay for that kind of support? Luckily, through the internet, there are many options for you to take in terms of the type of financial coach you pay for.

As a financial coach, I help people make more money and grow their investment portfolio by breaking through the mental blocks that prevent you from having a financial road map and speaking with confidence to your licensed financial advisor.

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