Are you secretly afraid of money?

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Matt James Ph.D.


Are you? Here’s a quick test:


Do you sometimes have struggle and concern about creating sufficient funds to take care of yourself and your family?

Do you feel constrained within the lifestyle you are able to afford?

Do you find yourself spending money you don’t have based on the belief that your ship will come in any day now?

Are you unable to fund whatever you’ve identified as the next step toward your goals and dreams?

Do you cringe when you look at your financial picture — or avoid looking at it at all?

Is one of your top reasons (by that I mean, top excuses) for not doing, having or being what you want “I can’t afford it?”


In my NLP trainings, I teach that there are 3 requisites of change:


Getting rid of negative emotions and beliefs, and creating a compelling future (i.e. goal setting).

Taking action.

Remaining focused on your desired outcome and reframing any obstacles to keep your unconscious moving forward.

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