So what does money really mean to you?

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How do you define money?  A headache? Freedom? Power? Something you will never have? Something other people have but you deserve more than them?


And when you get money, what do you want to do with it? Pay bills? Party? Save only? Invest and invest in what?

It is important because you will learn that we each have a set of life values. If you sit down quietly by yourself you can think of those things that are most important in your life.

If you are not too sure, look at the space around you in your home. How do you fill it?

How do you fill your time? Which is most important to you? Who or what comes where in your hierarchy?

There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else.

Oscar Wilde

Be sure of one thing. If money is not in the top two or three you will never accumulate it. Why not? Because you will spend it on those things which come above it in your list.



If you want to know the secrets to making money you first need to work out where is your wealth


My notion of wealth might be my family. Indeed, when I consider my family, the time we spend together at our dinner table discussing today’s successes or today’s challenges and how we have dealt with each of them, sharing our common interests and demonstrating in all manner of ways our love for each other, I know that I am rich beyond measure and all the money in the world could not replace what I have.




What about my neighbour? Upon first glance at his life you might think – ‘He must know the secrets to making money.’


And perhaps he does because he’s certainly not short of money or property. He owns property all over the place.


He eats out several nights a week at fine restaurants.


He takes long-haul flights to exotic destinations several times a year for extended vacations, and they are interspersed with many shorter breaks and golfing holidays.


He is constantly having his house extended, his garden and drive revamped and taking pleasure in supervising every detail.


But he has no children of his own. He has no immediate family.


For him, there will be no discussions around the table each night after dinner, no sharing of the joys and tribulations of the day.


You, on the other hand may find your happiness in none of those things.


I have a friend who lives alone in modest circumstances. Does she know the secrets to making money?


What would you like to change in your life?


To uncover the secrets to making money and of wealth you must start with the small things.


Would you like to change the clothes that you wear?


Or are you happy with those you have already? Perhaps you would like more expensive or finer clothes?


That’s not such a big deal, is it? Quite doable, you might think.




Are you happy where you are or do you want a mansion? Perhaps you have a mansion already but you desire multiple properties in many countries.




Just remember you can live in only one at a time. If you want a modest improvement, that may not be out of reach either, but something on a grander scale may need a little more determination.




I suspect many who love the material things in life would have a new car high on the list, but you may be quite happy with the 1960s Austin A40 which you have driven for years.


Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest people in the world, who knows all the secrets to making money and of wealth, lives in the same house he has owned most of his married life and drives an old car.


The fact that he owns a fortune does not mean that those things are high on his list.




Would you change those? Some of them? None of them? All of them?




Would you change what you eat or the quantity of it? Does the food that you eat now give you ample sustenance and infinite pleasure? Or are you looking for something else.



When you consider each of these things carefully, you will recognise those things you wish to change in your life and those you don’t.


You may not have considered up until now that you have any wealth in your life but now you really think about it, you will recognise areas that all the money in the world could not improve.


It will not improve a view of the setting sun and the pink glow in the sky, the early evening fragrance in the garden or the look of joy on your child’s face when your eyes meet after you’ve spent time apart.


So look inside your mind. Consider your own wealth for that is where it truly is.


Recognise where you have wealth now.


You are well on the road to having everything you want, to knowing all the secrets to making money and of wealth. It is only a few steps (and a little planning) away.



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