Money is a wonderful servant and a terrible master

How long does it take to make a financial decision? We can shop online endlessly for a new home whether it is a rental or a buy. And what about car shopping, don’t get me started on that!!! I can confess that I don’t buy a car, I buy an experience and then I want to hold on to that experience for a while. Kudos to those who can update their car without any emotional attachment!!! And then there is investing. How many investing opportunities have we let pass because we are still deciding if we even trust the information that we are getting. Talk about fear!!!! Of course, there is the flip side. I have a friend that has 20 insurance policies from one insurance sales agent because they are friends and she feels obligated to buy and buy and buy. When I ask her the value of so many insurance policies, she says her children will be protected. Yet, 50% of her salary goes to 20 insurance policies. These are the types of decisions we make when we don’t have an independent financial coach that is not compensated from the banks or other institutions. And so many of us, without proper guidance are just shooting in the dark. Are we honest in saying that we don’t understand our own motivations much less money? Understanding yourself can open you to financial breakthrough in the most amazing ways. At least that has been my experience. The more you know about you, the more open you are to abundance. And the most obvious manifestation of abundance is health and then a close second is wealth. And be sure to visit our website at

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