The mask of the plastic smile to hide the money worries

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Dennise Williams


What masks do you wear when it comes to your finances? Does the world see success yet you feel like a failure?  Or are you living a lie that you have it together yet you are borrowing to survive each month?  What financial masks do you wear? The idea that we wear masks to hide our hurts and fears was presented by Nadine Sinclair, GoBold life coach at the recently held Fabulous Life Conference at the Liguanea Club.


According to Sinclair, we all have created some dynamic to hide our hurtful realities, what she deems as masks.


The mask we wear to get what we want in the world such as love, approval, attention, fame, recognition. The mask’s job is to hide or cover for the limiting belief under it.

The limiting belief or cognition (that is often unconscious) such as “I’m not worthy of love,” “I’m a failure,” and “I can’t trust anyone” or even self-aggrandizing beliefs such as “I’m better than everyone” which lay buried underneath the mask.


At the conference, Sinclair herself wore a mask to drive home the point.  This reallly struck home with many of the audience attendees who started to share their own stories of hiding behind masks.  Masks are repressed feelings or fears, which will always come out in other ways such as an illness or affect other relationships. Understand why you wear that mask, and what is the underlying fear.


So what, you may ask, does this have to do with your money?


Many times, we block abundance and financial progress because we are living a lie or telling our selves lies.


So the path to unmasking the reality of your financial situation is to confront your fears.


The following represent the very real financial fears of many:

  • Fear of not being able to pay the rent/mortgage.
  • Fear of opening bills.
  • Fear of having inadequate savings.
  • Fear of retirement.


For business persons, there are other fears such as:

  • Running out of money before profitability arrives
  • Attracting and keeping “buying” customers
  • Borrowing money / taking out loans
  • Being able to sell your company for a profit


So what do you do?  According to Nisandeh Neta, international Neuro Linguistic Programming coach,  there are basically 5 stages:


  1. Awareness

Think about your mask:

How it looks to you and to other people, when you put it on, when or if you ever take it off. Does it look like one of these: Nice Guy, Know it All, Know it Better, Tough Guy, Angry Bitch, Poor Me, Rebel, Misfit, Sickly, Joker/Clown, Martyr, Holy, Mr./Mrs. Busy-Important, Barbie Girl (stupid and sexy), Loner, Listener/Therapist, Preacher…


  1. Recognition

Become aware:

Of the costs in your personal and professional life of wearing your mask. See how your relationships are affected when you keep your image up. What limitations has it created? What is it that you “cannot”, “shouldn’t” or “wouldn’t” do because it’s not “appropriate” for you?

  1. Realization

Realize that your mask is not who you are.

Acknowledge the fact that you created your act for your survival and that probably for a while that was valuable, but it is not necessary any more. In most cases, the mask has served its purpose and now it is only a hindrance to your growth and happiness. facing fear, opening the door


Be willing to drop your act

And commit yourself to do doing whatever it takes to become the real you. Some people never take off the mask and lose their identity and soul completely. Why waste the rest of your life pretending to be someone or something other than you?

  1. Action

Do whatever is necessary

To become authentically you… Do you hate golf, but play for the sake of your colleagues? Enlist some of them to do what YOU like. Do you hate working for someone else? Take a risk and start your own business.


Lose the mask. You are good enough! And as always, reach out to a life coach for support in making the fabulous life you deserve.

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