How many of your talents are you not using?

Dennise Williams
Financial Coach

Many of us will be familiar with the parable of the talents told by Jesus. Three persons were given three different amounts of talents. The person with the smallest talent essentially said “him caan bother” and buried his talent. The two that utlitized their talents were rewarded with more to manage. According to Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D, “ Isn’t it interesting that talent means an ability, a gift, and it also means money. One can make as much money, as one cares to, by using one’s talent appropriately, without waste or delay. It is imperative on us that we do use our talent and not just ignore it.”

So if your money isn’t feeling as great as it should, the question is are you using all of your talents? Are you working hard at a job you hate or running a business that is really running you when you could be earning from multiple streams of income using your God given talents?

We all, to some degree, are downplaying our natural abilities and focusing on things that make us miserable.

Dr. Sharma tells this story, “Generally, people see their talent as something they can enjoy in their leisure time, as a hobby, or something with which they can entertain themselves and others. On the other hand, to make a living, they assume that one has to sweat and toil with dull and dreary tasks.
A lady took up painting at the age of eighty-five. Did she think of painting for the first time? No! In her younger days, she did want to dabble with oil painting. Friends and family discouraged her, “Oil paints are very expensive. You can’t afford to have such an expensive hobby and you can never make a living off it. ” She never thought of it again. She worked as a cashier or a secretary all her life supplementing family’s income. At the age of 85 she finally bought the oil paints and picked up the brush to paint.. In one year, she made more money from selling her paintings than what she had earned in her entire working life.”

Leadership coach By Leonard Kim offers 3 key insights to discover what your natural talents are:

1.What Thrilled You As A Child?
Take two minutes and recall your most joyous memories from prep/primary school. What made those moments so enjoyable? What were the common threads? So, understand that what thrilled you as a grade school student and what thrills you as an adult are actually very similar. You’re just using those same talent themes in different environments.

2. You Lose Track of Time
If you’re so captivated in an activity that you lose track of time, you’re experiencing one of the key indicator of your talents.

3. What do you yearn to do?
What fire is burning inside of you at this very moment?

Kim notes, “If you find yourself in a place where you’re not using your gifts, that realization can be painful and uncomfortable. Thankfully, life is a journey, not one isolated day.”

And so we urge as usual to reach out to a coach or counselor to get the guidance and support needed to make the changes to fully express your talents. Don’t hide them under a bushel. Let your light shine.

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