Imagine having the lifeyou desire

Dennise Williams


Its a brand new year and many of us are reflecting on the year that past and planning for 2017. The general plan is to do better on some level.  And so I ask you to stop for a moment and imagine having the lifeyou desire. What does it mean for you? And how will you finance that life?  Because every dream has a cost.  And how does that make you feel?  Scared because what you want is out of reach or energized because you have a mental map of the specific steps needed to get you were you want to be? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle?


So its not just about how your money is feeling; it is also about the vision you have about your money.

It may sound like a strange request, but stop a moment and close your eyes and visualize your dream; experience it fully and completely.  What sounds do you hear?  What emotions come up?  What are the colours around you?  Notice the effects it has on you and on your life, how your life would be different and for the better? What are the benefits it brings, for you and for others?  Can you experience the dream so fully that it feels real?


The dream can become a reality and you know that there is work to be done.  And if you are anything like me, the biggest amount of work is in the mind.  Perhaps you have already had the experience of envisioning your goals but, BAM! …something or someone distracts you, annoys you, upsets you, stands in your way, you name it.


And then you forget to practice feelling and seeing and hearing the dream.  The inner conflict of holding on to the dream while facing real life challenges is something we all battle daily.  Raise your hand if you have a situation where you believe someone is deliberately standing in your way.  We can hear a voice and feel the effect. Sometimes we can even see it. Maybe it’s a family member or a friend or perhaps an authority figure telling us all the reasons why the life we desire cannot work.  And funny enough, some of those persons may be well intentioned.  Or, just plain bad mind. The next question is what do you do?  Give in?  Or hold on to the positive feelings and vision and press on?


What if the voice saying no is in fact yours, rather than others? Perhaps you have a fear of failure or fear of success and the effect of managing the success. Do you secretly fear that people will believe that you get rich and switch?  Or do you fear that your success will intimidate your spouse or close family members?  This is a big mental block for many of us.  And this is where a life coach and a financial advisor can help.  Believe me, reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness.  Having someone on your team to assist you on the goal of having the life you desire is a wonderful thing.


So what can a financial advisor or life coach do you for you?  Well, think about how professional athletes do not go it alone.  So with your accountabilty partner, whether life coach or financial advisor, you will develop a plan that will:



  • Clarity about where you stand and where you are heading
  • Help you get and keep the life you want, without fear of running out of money
  • Focus your attention on the big questions and what is really important
  • Build your confidence for you to make the necessary decisions to secure you and your familys future
  • Keeping you on track with regular review meetings


Whether the blocks are internal or external, the objective is to overcome them.  And it doesnt make sense to go it alone when there are professionals who are trained to help you have the life you desire.  Now, a few words of caution.  You have to do the work.  You have to reach out.  And you have to really want it.  That said, have a great 2017.

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