Imagine enjoying your money

What are you agreeing to in your financial decision making? Are you agreeing to grow into a particular goal? For example, if you agree that you want to be a homeowner, logically your investing, saving and spending decisions would lead you to that outcome. However, what if no one in your family ever owned real estate. Would you feel guilty to want to buy a house? Or what if you think you should wait to buy until you are married? Then you feel obligated to do nothing with your money until you have “found the one.” Perhaps you are fearful of making such an important decision and put off the planning and saving that real estate requires. So are you really agreeing to being a homeowner or are you agreeing to being guilty, obligated or fearful? Money decisions are never what they seem at the surface. They are layered and complex and a financial coach can help you peel the emotions back to get to the why you are the way you are.


As a financial coach, I help people make more money and grow their investment portfolio by breaking through the mental blocks that prevent you from having a financial road map and speaking with confidence to your licensed financial advisor.

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