If you don’t love yourself how will your money love you?

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Dennise Williams




Perhaps you struggle with money issues and are bewildered as to why not matter how hard you work, you cannot get ahead.  Perhaps you think that people are out to get you or there is some real blockage in your life why financial freedom, better pay, a great job or some other goal continues to be beyond your reach.


I understand that your story is a sad one. You developed this mindset of unworthiness because you were rejected, abandoned, or mistreated. I am so sorry for the pain you have experienced.  You think back to your parents who said terrible things to you, like you would never amount to anything, and you start to realize how much that has affected you, and how much you believe this to be true.


Perhaps you think that you have gotten over what ever childhood challenges you faced.  However, for many of us, a lot of this is running in the background of our mind, and we are not fully aware of it. And, it is one of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to manifesting what we want.


After all, getting something is all about being a match to it, and how can be become a match to something we don’t think we deserve? How can we create a life of which we don’t think we are worthy?


We can’t really, and that is why it is so crucial to address this issue.


The question is how are you going to address the issue of what you are worth and how much do you love your self?  And I am not talking about the narcissitic self love which compels one to use and step on people to achieve their goals.  I am talking about valuing yourself and loving yourself enough to agree that you are worthy of good things in life.


And you may think, what does this have to do with my money and how my money is feeling?  Well, if you can believe that money is energy and you can attract positive or negative energy or “vibes” then it is not so far fetched to think that if your energy is negative towards yourself then you are repelling your own good.


Carol Tuttle of Liveyourtruth.com says your belief system is creating your current experience with money.  We’re constantly in a state of lack, scarcity, powerlessness, and anxiety when it comes to money.  Or we have grown up in households that are infused with fear about money, so we become infused with fear about money.


So let’s take a step back for a moment with these four questions:



  • What did you witness in your household in regard to money?


  • What things did your parent(s) say about money and wealth?


  • How did your parent(s) feel about money?
  • How did your parent(s) talk to you about you – did they praise or insult you?


Now, let us look at the present.


  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Is it possible for you to achieve your goal?
  • Are you worthy of this goal by simply being yourself?



Here is what I believe, if working with a financial coach or a financial advisor you can begin to love yourself simply because you exist and change your belief about money and you’ll see it change your bank account!


So I dare you to write a new script for money based in love of yourself and valuing your self.


Take one bill of currency (JMD, Sterling, USD, Canadian or any other) and write all over the bill these statements:


  • I’m worthy of money.
  • I’m good with money.
  • Money flows to me easily.
  • Money supports me.
  • I’m in harmony with a greater flow of money.
  • I’m grateful for the money I have now.
  • I’m receiving money from expected and unexpected places.
  • I’m honoring others who have more money than me.
  • I’m choosing happiness now, no matter how much money I have.


Read it every day!


According to Occidental Asset Management Knowing yourself better is the best starting point for making changes and improving your overall financial health.  The importance of money beliefs cannot be overstated. Money scripts have been used in research and have found to be associated with increase in:


  • Income
  • Net worth
  • Credit card and other debt
  • Positive Financial behavior


So don’t go it alone.  Reach out to a financial coach or financial advisor and get help to change your inner beliefs about your own value and the money that you deserve.

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