Discovering Your Money Blocks

Discovering Your Money Blocks*

As the team of coaches prepares for the Fabulous Life Conference it is so important that we share with our audience lessons learned along the way. So many times we battle to pay our bills.  Struggle to make ends meet.  Fight to keep our jobs.  Why is money so hard? Why is money so scary?  And are we standing in our money truth?  My job as your coach is to be honest with you.  Aren’t you tired of the heavy burden?  What is causing this internal war that starts every morning before you even have to deal with people? Before we continue to talk, let us agree to take a break.

Take 6 long, slow, deep breaths. Feel yourself becoming completely relaxed.

Your toes are relaxed.

Your ankles are relaxed.

Your knees are relaxed.

Your thighs are relaxed.

Your hips are relaxed.

Your stomach is relaxed.

Your chest is relaxed.

Your shoulders are relaxed.

The tension has gone from your neck and head.

Now, one at a time, say the following affirmations to yourself and feel your natural response to each idea. Be completely open, and let your thoughts flow freely. As you read each affirmation, pay close attention to how it makes you feel. Ready?

I fully resonate with earning a lot of money.
Whatever obstacle is in my way, I easily figure out a way around it.
Money flows to me, from known and unknown sources.
I feel so proud and confident that I am earning all the money I deserve
I have all of the power within me, right now, to earn as much money as I choose.
Making money is so much fun for me.
I deserve to earn all of the money I want.
I am certain in my abilities to double or triple my income.

Did it?  Then make a note of the affirmations that caused you to feel the most resistance when you read them. Can you think of times in your life where this resistance held you back?
What is in your life right now are you compromising for money?
What have been the three most significant experiences with money in your life?
How fully and honestly do you speak with your spouse or partner about money, finances, spending, goals, savings, and debt?
Are you unable to fully enjoy what you purchase because you feel bad, guilty, ashamed, or embarrassed about your purchase?

Now that you know where one or two of your money blocks are, you’ll start to notice when they show up. Realize that it’s just a story, and you can choose to believe it, or not.

Here’s why this exercise is so important . . .
You have “declarative” and “nondeclarative” beliefs.

If someone asks “Do you feel confident that you could double or triple your income?” You may say “Yes!” right away, even though in the back of your mind you’re thinking “I don’t have the skills for that,” or “No way I’m smart enough to earn that much . . . ”

If you have hidden “nondeclarative” beliefs, you’ll continue to sabotage your efforts to earn more.

Now that you know where one or two of your money blocks are, you’ll start to notice when they show up. Realize that it’s just a story, and you can choose to believe it, or not.

The more you reinforce your declarative beliefs, the sooner your nondeclarative beliefs will align to help you achieve the success of your dreams.

Did this exercise help you? What’s your money block? Let me know and send me an email.  It will be these types of exercises that you can experience for your self at the FABULOUS LIFE CONFERENCE on November 16, 2018 at our early bird pricing which ends August 31st.  Or, if you want a more personalized financial coaching experience, check out these options.


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