Are you afraid of money?

What are your financial key concerns? It is maximizing your career potential? Is it getting clarity on the type of retirement you want? Does your children’s future rest on your mind? Are you sandwiched between your parents and your children and want to know what options are available to you in terms of financial planning for 3 generations? What about your assets? Are you in the market for your first house? Are you building a business? How does your current relationship impact your financial decisions? Could it be that you are so unhappy that you can’t see the financial options in front of you? What about inheritance? Are you expecting a financial windfall and terrified about how to invest and spend it wisely? How many years until you retire? What are you doing with the nest egg you have put together? Or are you going through a “grey divorce” and are concerned about what next? So many decisions that are not black and white and not in the realm of a financial advisor. When you go to the bank or financial advisory service the focus is on the transaction. Many times the focus is not on you and so where does that leave you?

Where do you fall on the WEALTH spectrum? Take this test to find out!

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