7 Ways You Block Money In Your Life

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Dennise Williams


We all say we want money.  Yet, we do many things that block money from our lives.  I’m sure you have heard about the lottery winners who go broke in a few years.  In Jamaica, two years ago a lotto winner wanted all his family members to be rich like him and so he gave away his winnings and ended up with nothing.  Now I know you are saying that it could not be you, yet, what are you doing with the small sums of money that come your way? Hmmmm.


In fact, deep down, you may have these thoughts about money.


“Who am I to earn this much money?”

“This is too much!”

“I don’t know what to do with it all!”

“If I earn this amount… that means I get rich and switch”

“If I earn this amount… my friends will think I’m that I think I am better than they are”

“It’s not safe for me to earn more money”


And so according to life coach Leonie Dawson, we develop a personal glass ceiling which stops from feeling abundant, expansive and possible.  We become scared and shrink to do less than our potential.


Kimberly Sherry, another life coach shares some ways that our thoughts lead us to block money.

  1. You are focusing on survival mode.

When you will feel anxiety and stress about money, these thoughts will cause you to not feel safe or secure if you do not have enough money. Then you will keep manifesting a survival energy around money where you constantly feel behind or blind sided with some new expense or bill.


  1. You focus on the lack of cash in your life.

If you are having a hard time manifesting cash, you don’t consider all the creative ways that you can manifest cash in your life.


  1. You think that getting money is hard.

When you are using a lot of effort, extra pushing, and hard work to create and manifest your money and life seems so hard like “every where you tun, macca juk you.”


  1. You feel that you don’t deserve money.

When deep down you don’t feel like you deserve money, you feel guilty even at the thought of having lots of money.  And yet, you are constantly beating yourself up and feel like a loser for not being able to manifest more money.


  1. You are afraid to talk about money.

You avoid asking for money that is owed to you and you cringe at the though of telling customers you have raised your price.


  1. You can’t see yourself with having more money.

You have adopted other’s belief around money. Perhaps you grew up hearing money is the root of all evil or it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of heaven.  Trying to filter your truth and ideas through the beliefs and mental concepts that you have adopted along the way creates confusion. You are trying to make something fit that doesn’t because its not your truth. You can’t see clearly in a state of confusion.


  1. You need approval before you make a decision.

If you ever feel like you need the approval of others before you make any money moves, you end up feeling like a slave to money as though it controls how you will show up in life.



How can I clear these blocks?


There are two ways you can get past these money blocks.


  1. Birds of a feather…..

The first, according to life coach Leonie Dawson is to join a mastermind group.  She advises, “Make sure you are reaching out to people who are on the same path as you. It may not be helpful at all for you to share about it with family or friends who aren’t used to abundant thinking – they likely have the same subconscious limiting beliefs as you!”


  1. Determine what makes you feel safe

Dawson also advises to write a list of what you think needs to shift in order for you to feel safe again.  If you worry about not having enough time to take care of everything, you might like to consider getting more team support with a personal assistant or staff member and automating tasks wherever possible.  If you worry about what your family will do if you pass on, talk to a financial planner about insurance and a financial plan for security.  And if you worry about being selfish, work out what it would take to feel like a good custodian of money, and how much cash you want to allocate to charity.


As usual, I would like to add that you don’t need to go it alone in your quest to break through the monoey blocks.  While a licensed financial advisor is excellent in helping you see the numbers, when it comes to your emotions, consider your pastor, a counsellor, a life coach or a knowledgeable friend that can assist you in overcoming your fears related to money.


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