What is a Financial Coach?

A financial coach is a financial professional who goes beyond typical financial planning and advice to help you identify your investment philosophy, understand your investment strategy, and provide discipline throughout your investment experience.  A coach will not only help you identify the right strategy, but will help you stay disciplined so you can keep your investments on track.

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The Advantages of Personal Financial Coaching

Financial coaches work with much more than just investment products and investment “how-to” tools. They work with you.
That’s because your path to financial freedom will be unique to you, and the obstacles you must overcome will be yours alone to face.
If financial freedom is your goal, then it’s critical to find the right path uniquely fitted to your needs among all the wealth building paths available.

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The difference between financial coaching and financial advice is simple.

Financial advice wants to manage your wealth by selling you a fish; financial coaching mentors and supports you to build wealth in the first place by learning how to fish so that you can independently get all the fish you want for the rest of your life.

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Chart your path to Financial Freedom

Financial coaches are educators and mentors rather than investment product sales people. Financial coaching can educate you on what works, what doesn’t, and why, saving you time and money on your path to financial freedom.

Financial Coaching Financial Advice
Follows the client’s agenda Follows the advisor’s agenda
No specific securities recommendations Specific securities recommendations
Client’s have unique strategies, plans and portfolios Client’s strategies and portfolios look similar
Client becomes expert and own authority Advisor is authority
Relationship creates independence Relationship creates dependence
Client is accountable and responsible Advisor is accountable and responsible
Asking questions and educating Telling directions
Focuses on learning and growth of client Focuses on financial product sales
Goal is to create a fully functional, educated, independent client Goal is to create a portfolio for a dependent client
No investment product sales Sells investment products
Teaches self-responsibility Takes away self-responsibility
Paid for eliciting, educating, expanding, and supporting client’s whole financial success Paid for portfolio advice and transactions.
Draws out client’s values, skills, and knowledge Imposes advisor’s values, skills, and knowledge on client
Client-centered Product-centered

Personal financial coaching promotes self-discovery, improved focus, and a renewed openness to taking more effective actions. Through financial coaching, you can develop improved self-confidence and mastery over your financial security.

The result is a more successful, capable, and independent you.


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